State of Dir Royal Family Akhun khel
The state flag contained several Islamic symbols and three sentences (not shown in the present image): the top writing is the Bismillah: "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful", the center one is the shahada in Arabic language: "There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God". The bottom phrase reads "with the help of God, victory is near" in Arabic language. The flag also existed in a red variant with the same drawings.
Dir Royal family has three Eras
First Era

Evolution of DIR royal family Akhun khyl  brought revolution in Malakan division.
           The first Era of Dir royal  family ruled from 1626_1897 with the titular name of KHAN
Dir situated in the North west Frontier province (Khyber pukhton Khwa) of Pakistan,is one the most important regions, both historically , culturally and strategically. Its  territories stretched between 34*22’ and 35*50’ North and 71*02’ East and mainly comprises the terrain drained by panjkora river and affluent. While the mountainous heights of hindu kush.
               Dir takes its name from the name of a village ,Dir which served as capital of the state during the Khan’s era. It has district Swat in the East ,Bajaur and Afghanstan on the west ,Chitral on the North and to south Malakand Agency.
                 The state of Dir was extended by Khan Zafar khan 3rd ruller of Dir from North Mid of the chitral Ashret to south till Mardan And from East to West from Shangla till Kunar Afghanistan The royal Family rulled All these areas of malakand Division Bajaur And Kunar Asmar from 1640_1897.
Pushto (Pukhto) is the main spoken language of the population, followed by Kohistani and Gujri.
The people of Dir,who are courageous and hospitable , have deep reverence for their religion.Akhun Ilyas khan and its ascendants introduce Islam in the region in 16th hundred.
                 The yousafzai pathans who established themselves here in 15th century AD  are responsiable for the tribal,social,political and economic life of the region . Khan akhun Ilyas Khan paida khel of the malaiza tribe 1640 enjoyed popular support among locals and was recognized as a spiritual leader.
His descendants built upon this support and ultimately increased their power over the people and laid the foundation of a distinct political state ,then called the state of Nawabs.it has Swat,Bajaur,Kunar asmar, and Malakand agency were the part of the princely state from 1640 to separate od the state by the the divide and rule formula of Brattain’s
             The brtish annexed Dir in 1897 and demarcated its boundries.And divided the state in other territories. After the independence of Pakistan it still enjoyed the status of a recently, due to administrative constraints,which merged into Pakitan in 1969 Now Dir has two Districts Upper and lower Dir with the respective headquarters of Timargara and Dir.


             Princely State of Dir  in world's dynasties
                  It receives over 1000 mm of rain annually and between 4,000and10,000ft.much of it is still forested :deodar and other conifer are dominant at the higher altitudes, and deciduous species including oak, wild  olive and walnut proliferates lower down increasing population pressure and the insatiable demand for firewood locally and for timber throughout Pakistan has reduced tree cover drastically.             

           Princely state of dir and Royal family Akhunkel

  Dir Royal Fort thorn of Family
[1]  Akhun Ilyas khan 1626_1676
The territories surrounding Dir were populated by their current ethnic majority, the Pakhtuns, beginning from the end of the 14th century. The Pakhtun were divided in several clans (khels), often battling one against the other. The three great clans which conquered the zone were the Yusafzai, Tarkanrai and the Utman Khel.The Dir territory was populated in the 16th century by the Malizai tribe of the Yusufzai khel, who took control of the zone assimilating or chasing away the previous inhabitants. And within this tribe the most prominent fractions became the Painda and Sultan khels.
                 By the 17th century a section of the Painda khel, coming from the Kohan village in the valley of Nihag (a Panjkora tributary), seized the trade routes with Chitral and Afghanistan.A member of this family, Mulla Ilyas, lived in the 17th century, was recognized as spiritual leader because of his religious merits, who procured him the title of Akhund ("scholar" in persian) Baba. Thanks to his charisma, Akhund acquired a prominent position in the Malizai tribe and founded theDir village. His successors managed to preserve and expand the leadership, under 14 rulers gives birth to an embryonal autonomous political entity which would eventually become the princely state.The clan of Mullana llas Khan would took the name of Akhund khel from the name of its progenitor, and a dinasty stemming from him was recognized as Khans (rulers) of Dir. However, till the end of the 19th century, the dominion of the family was limited Mid of Chtiral to Skhakot (Mardan).
           Akhun Ilyas khan was born in a village of Dir kohan dara. Sent by his father Tor Khan BABA at the age of 14  for education with a spiritual leader sheikh Myanor to INDIA from DIR. After 2 months they reached to India. where the (Mureed) followers of Hazrat Banoor Sahib reached 125000, and Akhun Ilyas khan was one of them.At that time Mughal emperor Shah Jahan felt it a danger for his thorn.  So he exiled Hazrat Banur sahib from India with his followers. Hazra Banoor went to Makkah where he stayed for 6 months. Once Hazrat Banoor sahib was busy in his (ibadat) worship during that time he called 3 times to his another (mureed) follower  O myanoor, O myanoor, O myanoor. But he was unfortunately missing. So Akhun Ilyas stood with respect and said to his teacher Akhun is present. He kept his hand on his back gave him a congratulation and told him that your descendent of the family will be the rulers. And the myanoor family will be your ministers.
Latter on the descendent of Akhun Ilyas khan proved.
while returning from MAKKAH Akhun Ilyas was also told by his teacher that you have to burn the plant of (kathel) in urdu] tonight. When you found its flames so that place will be your throne.While the other plant kaye) in urdu you found the same burnt so  that place.And your grave and that place is lajbok dara.  Akhun Ilyas khan did this process.He started his journey the existing (dalbar) palace of dir.It this place he found the khatel plant on fire. So it that place he build his house and started preaching of  Islamic studies. At that time Malakand division was under HINDU state while hindus were ruling from last 350 years. The Muslim of the region found a spiritual leader. Where there all issues were solved by Akhun Ilyas khan he also trained his sons and grandsons with Islamic teachings.Which played a very important role for spreading islam in malakand division khan Akhun khan Ilyas died in 1676. His tomb  is in lower dir lajbok dara.
 [2] Khan Maulana Ismail khan 1676-1752
 Khan Ismail khan followed his father footsteps. He
was also an Aalim e deen. He changed his location for Islamic preaching from a mountainous area nehagdara to a plan area village bebewor. Where he empowered himself. He also established his army. And brought challenges for hindo government. He fought with hindus and made them weaker. He dominated himself as a muslim leader. He sent his madrasa qualified students to many areas of malakand division to preach Islam. As well as his students will have boarding in masajed.  kunar bajur malakand swat was inspiringly included in his orders due to the spiritual nature of the royal family. His grave is famous on the name of loye baba.tomb.
[3] Khan Ghulam khan 1752-1804
Khan Ghulam khan had complete command on Islamic knowledge. He also preached Islamic knowledge and spread Islam.  He also took interest in economic power. He establish a royal cabinet. And was supported by the people of the region to make an Islamic state. He subdued the local sardars for that he fought Jehad against hindus.And he established his own territory and hindus were just limited to dir kohestan the lower  and became very weaker.

[4] Khan Zafar khan                   1804-1814
Khan Zafar khan started an official
salary to his army. He also established Madrasas in his own territory which extended to the mid of Chitral by the force of sword. His another great achievement for  people he established madrasas. He also started official salary for his soldiers and also for  madrasa aleem. He was a warrior ruler. One of his major role was the demolishing of hindu territory. He destroyed Hindu palaces at kohestan and built a royal palace at dir khaas. which is still in existence and is the symbol of the royal family, it was considered as a capital of dir state. He ruled for 10 years his tomb is famous on the name of varoke baba .he had four sons khan qasim khan ,khan nasim khan , khan zahir khan, khan bhaku khan.
[5] Khan Qasim khan                           1814-1822
Khan Qasim khan ruled for eight years. He extended his empire  to Asmar, Kunar (Afghanistan) and skhakot Mardan. He proved himself a great leader and warrior. He became a strong opponent for other established territories. Due to which Mehtre chitral kator 2nd shah fazil  made him his son in law .He had large influence on  Afghanistan and Mughal emperors. He brought Akhunkhyl  the second strongest royal family after Mughal in sub continent. He had two wives from the first wife he had 3 sons while khan Ghazan khan was the grandson of Mehtre chitral. Khan qasim loved khan Ghazan khan. Due to which his other step brothers became enemies of Ghazan khan. And his father because they were thinking that if Gazan khan grows up his father will make him crown prince. So this fear took them to a very dangerous step conspiracy began. One of his son azad khan Assassinated his father. His tomb is famous on the name of (khan shahed qabrestan) which is considered last resting place for the member of the royal family.

[6] Khan Ghazan khan       
After the assassination of khan Qasim khan his sons started fighting for ruling. The tribal sardar divided in each khan groups. And started fighting with each other. Due to which the state became weaker. Whenever a khan established  a government the other brothers were demolishing his government .After 13 years of this long conflicts the people of state  became very frustrated. So the local jirgha was sent to mehter Chitral Mohtaram shah. He sent his  nephew and son in law khan Ghazan khan for ruling on dir. He fought with his brothers with the help of his father in law. And killed his brother Saeed khan and other two run away. Thus at the age of 17 years khan Ghazan khan became khan of dir. Then he strengthen his state send muhims to Peshawar and Swabi.This time the yousefzai of Malakand division helped his brother tribes of Swabi tribe mandar rather than his own khan Ghazan khan. Thus his state remained till Skhakot Mardan.
   1857 when the war of freedom started in India. At that time khan Ghazan khan was famous personality of subcontinent. He had become a strong opponent for the Brittan they send a force to subdue Ghazan khan. In 1863 decided war with Brittan. He prepare 12000 soldier and send to Ambela under the command of  his son khan Rahmatuallah khan. Khan Rahmatuallah khan fought with Brittan the Yousefzai tribe defeated Brittan. And a Ghaze Islam khan Rahmatuallah khan returned home with success.!
According to world Status Men book
Ref>1863–1874, according to www.worldstatesmen.org. However, an 1845 source already describes Ghazzan as chief of the Dir ("Deer") valley: {{cite book |title=Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, edited by the Secretary. vol. XIV. part II. — July to December,
      Battle at ambela   
Khan Ghazan khan was a warrior and an Islamic mind person. He spent his all time in wars. At the same time in swat a buzrg Sedo baba a spiritual leader in swat which had no army. But khan Ghazan khan did not fought SEDO BABA shows his loyalty to khan Ghazan khan. And supported him every time. In the 400 years history of Dir royal family the khan Ghazan 46 years of time was the golden period. He died in 1868.he had three wives and 10 sons. 1 Jamdad khan 2 Rahmatullah khan 3 Ajabullah khan 4 Habibullah khan 5Azizullah khan 6Abrahim khan 7Khuwaja Muhammad khan8 Jumaa khan9 Hamidullah khan 10 Sulatan e Mehmood khan
 [7] Khan Rahmat U Allah khan 1870-1884

      When khan Ghazan khan became ill at the last days of his life his sons were fighting to dominate themselves for ruling and started fight for controlling of thestate.Ghazan khan’S elder son Jamdad khan controlled the state by force but he had no presence of mind to rule so his younger brother khan Rahmatuallah khan took the government by the force of sword and started to govern the state. At the initial stage of government khan Rahmatuallah faced 3 problems his own son and 9 brothers became headache for him at the same time another person  Omara khan of Jandol was a strong opponent. Khan Rahmatuallah khan exiled his son khan Sharif khan he went towards Omara khan where he empowered khan Sharif khan against his father khan Rahmatuallah khan of dir who had  20 years of war experience.
 khan Omera khan prepared his army to fight against khan of Dir in talash but he did not succeed and khan of Dir deny his compromise to make  border  between dir and jandol (waly condao) when khan of jandol realized that he cannot defeat khan Rahmatuallah khan he extended his hands to Delhi and made relation with Britain. Brittan acknowledged Omara khan is a khan of jandol and some agreement for trade between Delhi and jandol like cutting of jungles a road to Chitral  because Brittan knew that the khan of dir Rahmatullah khan has fought with them. So they changed their policy and started to divide the state of dir. khan of dir had foreign relations with Afghanistan and IRAN but when amir of afganistan abdurahman agreed for Durand line so at that time khan Rahmatuallah khan send him a (wafad) that asmar,Kunar is the part of dir empire and you should not agree for Durand line  but he did agreement. 
and the Brittan succeeded in mission to divide the state of dir so for that agreement khan of dir became angry from Amir abdurahman now he had three enemies Brittan, Omara khan and Amir of Afghanistan the Brittan were supporting Omara khan to attack  khan of dir Rahmatuallah khan  to make him weaker but  he fought with omara till his last breath and in 1884 he became ill and died on his bed.

   [8] Khan Muhammad Sharif khan1884-1897  

After the death of khan Rahmatuallah khan his son Muhammad Sharif khan became the khan of dir but 0mera khan which was brother in law of Sharif khan  defeated him and exiled him from dir.At that time 0mera khan became very strong and then he attacked Chitral and swat where the Mehtre chitral reported Brittan that Omera khan attacked chitral so Brittan send political agent to Omera khan that if he did not return we will breach all agreement. But Omera khan refused at the same when brittan support stopped on Omara khan at that stage khan of dir and Mian Gul Abdulhanan of swat made a united force to attack khan of jandool,through this process khan of dir Muhammad Sharif khan empowered himself and tried to attack Omera khan. At the same time Brittan were trying to send a relief force for the help of Mehtre Chitral, but at that time Dir was under the control of Omera khan so Brittan invited khan of Mardan Khuwaja Muhammad khan hoti,Sarfaraz khan,Mian rahim shah,Yar Muhammad khan badrashe some other popular people by commissioner Mr den. That who is the opponent of Omra khan so they were told that khan of Dir khan Muhammad Sharif khan is his only enemy which exiled by Omra khan and for the last 5 years he is living in swat. So Mr den sent Jirgha of that invited personals to khan of dir. Thus both sides made agreement khan of dir Muhammad Sharif khan said that Brittan will recover the occupied areas of dir from 0mara khan. Brittan will support the khan Dir and they will acknowledge dir state Brittan want the khan of dir support for
1 Peshawar to Chitral road
2 Tele graph
3 Post Office
The agreement was signed by both sides and at that time in 1897 khan Muhammad Sharif khan became the first NAWAB of dir.As a Nawab of Dir demanded the construction of  hospitals schools and other facilities. British annexed Dir in 1897 and demarcated its boundaries, and divide the state in other territories thus the state of dir loss Bajaur, Malakand , Kunar and Nawab state remained to the boundaries of Dir.
Second Era
The second edition of the Royal family of dir Akhonkhyl ruled from 1897_1997 with the title of NAWAB
8th Ruler 1st Nawab /khan Muhammad Sharif Khan 1895-1904
 In 1895 the Britain established Malakand agency and Malakand was considered as capital under a political agent.The state of dir and Chitral was bound to political agent according to agreement of 12december 1895. khan Muhammad Sharif khan was considered as first NAWAB (Duke) of dir state, he was honored with 400 riffle Guns, 10,000rs of annual allowance and gave him 25000rs for standing with them against 0mra khan. And he was bound to the dargai agreement.

9 YEAR RULING PERIOD (First Nawab) :
The Nawab of dir 9 years ruling time was completely the victim of internal insurgency, due to which he had no time for flourishing of the state. He built only one hospital with the help of Britain he paid 5,000 rupees to them but the hospital was destroyed by the tribal of 1897 rebellions of swat and jandol.
Nawab Sharif khan time period and swat
In 1897 when Britain acknowledged the state so sharif khan was considered as nawab of dir, swat and jandol. Mian gul Abdulwadod ,Muhammad Asaf khan mentioned in his own book page 217 that the region of nike khyl Yousaf khan and Jalal khan fighting for some property with some tribal so both khans came to Nawab sharif khan for logistic support for war, khan sharif khan supported them and these khans succeeded and paid 20000 rupees for the loss of war to khan Sharif khan. In swat the war became common so Nawab sharif khan invited all of swat khanan and told them that its difficult for me to send lashkar every time to swat, so why not to built here a a qilla and to set army and for justice. I will appoint a Qazi for solving the issues of the people and you people will be bound to pay me tax so they agreed and the people of swat also acknowledged.  
The state of jandol was sold by Britain  to Nawab Sharif khan on 80,000 Afghani rupees. At that time he had not such amount so for this purpose. He even sold home used  Jewelry  to buy jandol this land but it was considered inexpensive deal due to,which the royal family became the victim of divide and rule formula.
·       According to 1895 agreement of dir state with government of India the boundary of state was restricted from Skhakot to Chakdara.                         
·       After 3 years in 1898 the boundary of dir was brought from mid of chitral (hashrayt) to lawarey.
Nawab khan Muhammad  sharif khan had 4 sons from 4 wives.
Aurangzeb khan and Mian gul jan khan were real brothers while the rest of two Sangar khan and Essa khan was step brothers.

1 Nawab Aurangzeb khan (Badshah khan)
2 Nawab Shahrawan khan (mian gul jan khan) (munda khan)
3 Nawabzada  Sultan e Mahmood khan (sangar khan)
4 Nawabzada Muhammad Essa khan (darora khan)
Basically there is no formal property sharing between the sons of  Nawab sharif  khan, some of the areas were distributed among them Dir khas and Baraval was given to Aurangzeb khan.
Jandol is the property of Shahrawan khan ,due to which he was given the titular name of Munda khan shiringal doghdara  kohestan kotky and paya khyl was the property of munda khan.                                   
SangarQilla  maidan from shah khele stream (khuwar) till kumbar bazaar were under Nawabzada Sultan e Mehmood khan Sangar khan the name of Sangar Qilla was changed by Nawab Shah jahan khan. When he visit to Delhi so he keep its name Lalqilla dogram some villages in dogdara hayagy and sadbar kaly village.
Muhammad issa khan (darora khan ) had areas of jaghabang Sahibabad and manugay
In 1904 Nawab khan Muhammad sharif  khan died at the age of 55 years of  paralyses at Tamergara his body was shifted and buried in khan shahid graveyard.

[9] 2nd Nawab Aurangzeb khan (Badshah khan) 1904-1924 AD

Badshah khan born in 1877 at baraval at the age of 6month slept from a (nokrani) maid to pond of water, due to which he became dump and he was famous on the name of  (chara nawab) dump duke.  After the death of his father the state of dir was full of rebellions of swat ,jandol was supported by the corrupt and disloyal officers. And one of the major issue was that when his own brother Munda khan (Shahrawan khan) became his opponent, which was jail in Qillabalahisar in jail of Britain. When khan Aurangzed khan chose by his father as a crown prince so at that time khan Shahrawan khan (Munda khan)became his opponent. He believes that Munda khan deserves to be the crown prince because his brother is ill and he could not run the government. somehow when Aurangzeb khan became the Nawab of dir his 20 years of ruling period consisted of 45 wars.

   He was an Islamic minded person,offered 5 times of prayers while he kept fast every Friday. He forgave some of the rebellions like his uncle Syed Ahmad khan and Abdulmateen khan who were trying to over thorn nawab from the government on source of some honorable members. he also handled all judicial activities. He was also famous for that whenever there rain stops and dryness falls so Nawab of dir dig the land itself  and then he prays from Allah so next day by the grace of Allah rain would started.  Once viceroy hind invited all the Nawabs and raja to Delhi, so all of them brought gifts for them while Nawab of dir Aurangzeb khan went free hands. So he gave a charity dinner for all  the people so all of the people were impressed that this kind of person deserves to be a ruler.
He was quite simple  pukhtoon and believed on Islamic law and he followed that from itself to state.
Nawab Aurangzeb Khan  donated one kilo gold and five lakh rupees for Islamia college .
But the royal family regrets that there is no hostel or any department on the name of His highness Nawab Aurangzeb khan.

[10]  3rd NAWAB Sharawan Khan (Miangul jan Khan of munda Jandol)

   Nawab Mian Gul Jan khan was brave, smart and aggressive person.He had all the courage and quality of ruling, when Nawab Sharif khan became the first Nawab of dir so his younger son Munda khan wished to be the crown prince. But father made one of his son Nawab 2nd Aurangzeb khan as a crown prince  who was ill  (dump).Munda khan thought that his brother will not be capable to control the state. For that he became annoyed from his father and he rebelled from his father. Nawab Sharif khan jailed him in thana swat, and then shifted to Peshawar balahisar. When 1st Nawab khan Sharif khan died in 1904 so Nawab Aurangzeb khan became the 2nd Nawab of dir. He released his brother from jail and honored his brother with all property which was his legal right given by his father. Munda accepted and started his leadership on jandol from Munda and he became khan of munda jandol which he bought from Britain on eighty thousand rupees for munda khan. Thus munda khan involved in activities but he was hated by his father and latter on by his brother. When Aurangzeb khan made his son Shah Jahan khan crown prince, somehow Munda khan deserved to be a crown prince.But his brother ignored him at the same time 2nd Nawab Aurangzeb khan took his two younger step brothers to Dir and grabbed their all property in his own custody. One of his younger brother Sangar khan ran away from dir dalbar barefooted  towards Munda khan. When he reached sarlara pass border between maidan and jandol he asked from a local man that whose state area is this. He was answered that this is munda khan’s state, he told him that inform munda khan about his brother. When Munda khan heard he was shocked and by himself went to receive his stepbrother. when he saw his younger brother  foot blooded his tears rolled out eyes at that moment he said historical words that  (man dies once and lives twice).

 hug his brother and told him I will take revenge of  your feet blood.Sangar khan told him that Nawab sahib planned to kill me and your other brother darora khan. In fact Aurangzeb khan and Munda khan were real brothers but he supported his younger stepbrother and told them that I will give you rights.He planned to attack Maidan he reached Lalqilla without any resistance before attack on maidan he informed local masharan that he is coming for his brother rights if any one resist he will be punished badly.People knew Munda khan’s anger and aggression so no one came out thus he handover lalqilla maidan to his brother. Munda khan was told by his brother he has to control maidan administratively thus this unity of both brothers became headache for Aurangzeb khan. When he heard that Munda attacked on maidan at that moment Aurangzeb was waiting for azan maghraeb to break his fast standing on balcony of dir (dalbar) palace. He threw his glass from 1st floor to lawn but glass magically didn’t broke this sudden attack harmed Nawab army and Munda returned to home .

One of munda khan uncles and father in law Syed Ahmad khan took  munda in confidence to attack Aurangzeb khan and munda khan will be the nawab of dir.He agreed with his uncle this time Munda planned to attack from two different areas  maidan on braval and then they will reach to dir khaas.
War started and few hours of war extended to days nawab placed his 5000 solider on kalpani (maidan baraval border).There syed ahmad khan resisted allot and reached braval bandi while Munda khan attacked from south. He took some of Nawab officers in confidence every brother used his war tactics . Munda khan told them if you support me against Nawab I will give you ministries they agreed and show disloyalty to nawab. Thus Munda succeeded in his mission. He made Nawab officers against him munda khan came to balambat. He defeat nawabs army and approached towards north and south.Munda khan under the sword of SANGAR KHAN army reached talash and adenzo while munda khan himself progressed to north to capital dir khaas. When munda khan’s army captured shehzadgay qilla and reached to rabat the people and nawab army diverted to Munda khan side. But shah jahan khan crown prince and son of Aurangzeb khan prepared a new force to resist Munda khan’s army ,but munda khan was now unstoppable he defeated shah jahan khan in akhgram. A new force was sent to stop Munda khan in chokyatan but it did not work. When nawab Aurangzeb khan realized that he lost his way so he left the state Shah Jahan khan and Alamzeb khan ran away to bajuar. While next morning young and new Nawab of dir NAWAB MAIN GUL JAN KHAN MUNDA at the age of 23 replaced himself as 3rd NAWAB of dir.
 When Munda khan became Nawab of dir he focused on infrastructure of the state. He built roads hospitals he built forts throughout all border of dir with other states ,when shah jahan khan became Nawab of dir he banned all projects which were started by Munda khan. Munda ruled for just one and a half year.he was willing to do more projects but he was not acknowledged by Britain due to which he stopped relation with Delhi.                                                              
                  Timergara Fort
  NAWAB Aurangzeb khan attack on NAWAB Munda khan
Being a ruler of dir Munda khan was an aggressive person. He showed his most aggression on the people of dir because they fought with Munda khan.He subdued the people of dir with the force of sword due to which the people of dir were very frustrated here his brother exiled NAWAB khan Aurangzeb khan was planning to remove Munda khan from ruling. So he convinced the sardaran of Paenda khyl and sultan khyl and planned to attack Munda khan,while his sons Shah Jahan khan and Alamzeb khan attacked from bajaur and entered from south to Munda qilla. while Munda khan was engaged with brother unfortunately Munda khan was all alone his sons were under teen age only Sangar khan was the supporter of Munda khan while Aurangzeb khan had two sons both were teenagers in the history of dir royal family all 12 rulers fought a war in their career). Attacked from north and south and Penda khyl and sultan khyl which soldiers of the royal family through out 400 year were took in confidence by Aurangzeb khan. Due to which munda khan became weaker and now it was easy for Aurangzeb khan to control the state.Alamzeb khan and Shah Jahan khan reached hajiabad sehzadgai qilla fort where munda khan also showed his aggression and started fight itself.  Here in shezadgai qilla Munda kept hidden force when Alamzeb khan attacked he thought that his uncle’s army ran away suddenly they arrived and defeated Alamzeb khan force. But there was not only one mahaz from south Shah Jehan reached balambat qilla.While his father controlled dir, when munda khan realized that he is in loss he announced that anyone who captured his brother he will be awarded. but now it was over Munda fight till his last survivor finally he  escaped to munda where he lived in mian kale (village).
After this bloody war tomorrow was EID but people were full of sadness because thousands of people were died in this war.Munda khan was still busy and secretly planning to attack Auranzeb khan. He tried twice but did not succeed Munda khan was again jailed by his brother in Peshawar after four months of jail he ran away.Auranzeb khan became the Nawab of dir he started to rule dir while munda khan was assassinated by his brother through some disloyal servants when these servants reached munda so munda khan was told by his brother Sangar khan that these persons are suspects.But munda told him that they belong to dir due to which they are very closed to me. One day when these servants were trying to attack  munda khan, they found Sangar khan awake so the next night they shot Munda khan on head and thus munda khan was killed by his brother through his disloyal servants in 1912. His tomb is in a village mayar. After that Aurangzeb khan took all the property from munda khan’s wives’ and thus Alamzeb khan was sent to samar bagh after that shah jahan khan used his uncle’s property and land and handover to his son Shabudin khan. while the real owner of jandol and munda is Munda khan, his sons and grandson. And later on shah jahan injustice with family was on peak they banned the rest of the royal family from education and any other state affairs due to which munda khan sangar khan and darora khan sons and grandsons faced very difficulties.                                                                                                
    [11] 1924-1960  4thNAWAB MUHAMMAD SHAH JAHAN KHAN.

Muhammad Shah jahan was born in 1895AD at barawal banday.It was the time  when Nawab sharif khan was exiled to swat.Shah jahan got education in Persian  from a teacher fazal azem jan at a village (ouch). But the conflicts of swat and jandol exceeded due to which he didn’t complete his education at that stage.
At the age of nine shahjahan’s uncle Nawab shahrawan khan munda khan attacked dir.At the age of 11 years he was sent by his father  to dominate the rebellion of swat,at the age of 16 his uncle Mia Gul Jan khan of munda again attacked his brother. But this time Shahjan confront his uncle at akhgram village to stop uncle’s aggression. But he did not succeed and Mian gul jan khan (khan of munda)started to govern the state by the force of swords. Somehow at the age of sixteen Muhammad shah jahan faced lot of wars muhems.
At that time his father nawab Aurangzeb khan assassinated his brother mian gul jan khan of munda at the same time Shahjahan who had become crown prince of dir ,started to take interest in government.at that time some of (darbary)tried to took the government from nawab Auranzeb khan. But they didn’t succeed and it became quite costly  for those darbary when shah jahan became nawab of dir. When nawab Aurangzeb khan got ill at that Shah Jahan khan asked darbary that if his father dies whose will be the Nawab he answered that Shahjahan khan will live in barawal and his darbary will run the government, to listen that Shah Jahan khan kept quiet and understood the planning of darbry.
Shahjahan attempted to kill his father.
Nawab Aurangzeb khan headed the crown of throne for 20 years at that time 20s of attacks from swat and jandol kept him busy in wars and mohems to dominate the rebellions. At that time he paralyzed and remained to thorn at the same time darbary were trying to take the government in their hands although they convinced Shah jahan to make him Nawab but the nawab Aurangzeb khan was aware of that. According to wali swat (this act of nawab shahjahan was disliked by his father and focus of Alamzeb to make him nawab of dir after his death.One of the grandsons of nawab Aurangzeb khan nawab zada sultan khan said that after all these tactic finally Shah jahan poisoned his father and hid his dead body for 3 days.Shah jahan told the people and that Nawab sahib is dangerously ill and suddenly dismissed all of disloyal darbary. He made his own cabinet of his loyal people he took all regional sardar in confidence honored them with precious gifts and lands to stop them from rebels against him. Then he took political agent of Malakand in confidence and sent a jirgaH to his brother Alamzeb khan and also showed him green gardens, and did agreement of his own choice with his brother.At that he want to show to Brittan’s that here these two brothers are well wishers and then travelled to India Delhi to head up with crown of Nawab of dir. And thus Nawab shah jahan succeeded in his planning but after that Nawab shah showed his nature to everyone brothers sons uncles cousins and common people and considered himself a harsh Nawab of dir.
While returning from India when Nawab reached dir he planned to punish disloyal officers of his father. He brought these officers and some of their wives to chukyatan bridge at the month of December a cold weather where all of the mountains of dir were full of snow. Nawab shah jahan invited the entire people of dir to watch the result of disloyal officers and meal was prepared for the spectators and then at mid day he ordered the officers to swim in cold water they were drowned to river panjkora,thus Nawab Shah jahan was considered a harsh person.
Seven large challenges for Nawab of dir
1) Brittan’s
2) sultan khel/penda khel tribes
3) tarklane other tribe
4) brother Alamzeb khan

Planned to kept away Brattain’s from the state of dir
After every 6th month the British army goes to chitral gilget from peshawar passing through dir from 1895 onward dir was a dangerous area for British army the local tribesmen attacked them. So at that time when Nawab shahjajan realized that these attacks are harmful for the peace of the state so he planned to kept the British army away from dir he started his own tactic for this.
   At 1929 Nawab Shahjahan khan went to delhi where meet with viceroy hind and invited him to malakand. When viceroy hind came to Malakand Nawab arranged hunting sport at kamrany after hunting viceroy was brought to dir tamergara and received with protocol. When they went inside rest house for meeting when viceroy came he saw a staring technique,that some of people were pressing the tires of the car when he asked why these people are doing this? He was answered that these people are saying that the car came from very far so its tiers are tired. Thus nawab shah jahan shows his nation ignorant that if a nation even don’t know how can you say to stop them from attacking on British army.
After that when Birtish army passed through dir so Nawab of dir planned to attack army through local tribesmen one he sent some of his solider to protect British army while on the other side the tribesmen were told to attacked them.
The Brattain’s had blind trust on Nawab of dir. On one side he showed himself there loyal while on the other side he created problems for them. Once again he invited viceroy hind and he was honored with protocol and presented him 21 artillery salute. At that meeting Nawab shah jahan told viceroy that if you sent your army to chitral you also use helicopters and jet planes to keep observation on your army, when They used this method that was quite costly. so Brattain’s stopped sending their army through dir to chitral. In the presence of Shah jahan Khan a British spy never entered dir nor Brattain’s used the jungles of dir for hunting. While in entire India the Britain moved freely. But dir was made for them a hell. In entire india they had rest but at dir they had fear and came less than a day they used mines and minerals of through entire 40 years of reign of Nawab Muhammad shah jahan. whenever British came to dir they were informed by Nawab before some weeks if Nawab allowed them they could come if not they couldn’t entered .When Brattain came to meet the Nawab of Dir Shah jahan khan so they seated to wait for the Nawab of dir. After an hour of wait the Nawab of arrived and then got up for his respect Nawab said that I like this etiquette very much when Brattain’s get up for my respect.
2) Sutan khel/Penda khel tribes.
Sultan khel/benda khel is brother hood family of akhoon khyl.Akhon khel is the sub tribe of penda khyl tribe. Thus penda khel is always having sympathy for his brothers Akhunkyl Nawab shah jahan khan knew the importance of these tribes. Whenever the royal family had or have even yet any problem penda khyl and sultan khyl tribes supported the royal family. Nawab shah jahan 13000 army just 3000 remains in forts while the rest of the force was reserved. When Nawab needed it for war they were called it for attack. Which belongs to penda khyl/sultan khyl tribes which still exists and well equipped and have all the power to protect themselves also nowadays days even they confront against Taliban (TTP)in war against terror. Nowadays the royal family, penda and sultan khyl is also loyal to dir royal family Akhon khyl.
       Nawab shah jahan used these tribes for his purposes he took allowance from Brattain for these tribes. But Shah jahan khan used them against Brattain through these tribes Shahjahan khan kept Brattain away from state.     Through these tribes Nawab dominated other tribes like tarklane.
Relation with the royal of these tribes the family respected them with his uncles (chacha)or mama.
For these tribesmen any judicial charge was not implemented.    
They were tax free.
There was no bus ticket for them they could move freely in busses.
There are other tribes in dir but they were not equipped so it was easy for Nawab to dominate them by force of 40,000 tribesmen of Penda khyl and Sultan khyl .
These two tribes were natural force for royal family which still exists and akhun khyl tribe is rulers of dir state but the common of the these forces was in the hands of Nawab of dir.

Nawabzada Alamzeb Khan
                  After the assassination of Nawab Mian guljan khan munda khan nawab Auranzeb khan handed over his brother land to his son Alam zeb khan, which first nawab sharif khan bought from brattains for his son Shahrawan khan of munda after his death.At the time of Nawab Shah jahan Alamzeb started to govern Munda. For these he pulled out Sangar khan and his cousins the son of Nawab Miangul jan khan (Nowsherawan khan,and Bakhterawan khan) when shah jahan realized that Alam zeb khan started ruling, so he felt it threat for himself. He planned to dominate his brother,Nawab Shah jahan killed his loyal.Thus for the first time the conflict started between them. And they started to attack each other Nawab shah jahan was all the time aggressive person. when he planned attack on his brother so people turned towards leaved Alamzeb khan favor .  In this time being so many wars were fought but between both brother and finally they did an agreement in 1940.
Nawab shah jahan khan and Alam zeb khan agreement of 1940
In 1935 Alam Zeb khan was defeated and thus his brother was powerful and strong and also had good relation with Brattain so Alamzeb khan turned to make (sulah) with his brother. He was also badly ill Nawab shah jahan khan gave allowance of 500 kabuli rupee for his brother and bought some land in Mardan for his brother at the amount of 10500.alamzeb khan sons and grandsons are still living there.
Alamzeb khan join Muslim league!
1944 Alamzeb khan went to Karachi to meet Quid e Azam for joining in Muslim Quid e Azam was quite happy with his joining.He was honored to be the Muslim league president of Mardan and Bajawar.1940 agreement Nawab Shah jahan khan sent a lot of equipments for brother annually.but he stopped all these things for his joining in Muslim league. After all that Alamzeb khan was trying to remove Nawab Shah jahan from government,because his cruelty was a stigma on name of dir religious royal family. So the Maidan rebellion planning was made in Alamzeb khan house for removing from government and for this reason Nawab zada Alamzed khan was jailed for 3 years but finally they succeeded to remove Nawab shah jahan in 1969.
  NAWAB Muhammad Shah Khesro Khan
Nawab shah khesrao khan was graduate from Bishop school of Shimla India. After that he joined Indian army  9th November 1960 at Chakdara former governor of west Pakistan Malak amir Muhammad khan considered Nawab shah khesrao khan as Nawab of Dir. After that Nawab created an advising committee  of 35 person to govern the state. The end of dir dynasty he played a key role. Nawab Shah Khisrao khan brought educational revolution in dir he built schools hospital and other facilities for the people of Dir.Nawab Shah Khesrao was Nawab of dir till 1967.After that the government of Pakistan took charge of dir.
3rd Era of Dir Royal Family
3rd Era Mission Flag .the inspiration of the flag color is taken from the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW

1997..After the death of Nawab shah khesrao khan Dir royal family divided into different groups like Munda khanan Grand sons of (Nawab miangul jan khan) Sangar khanan,grand sons of (Sultan e Mehmood khan)      Darora khanan,Grand sons of (Muhammad Issa khan) And,Tamer khanan shah jahan’s family (Hayaseria khanan, Jandol. every groups focused on individual economy, And they All are quite succeeded. but the issue of inheritance is still unsolved by the  family all the family assets were controlled by shah Jahan’s sons and brothers.  Due to which the rest of the family, Munda khanan,Sangar khanan and Darora khanan were became self defendant due to which According A munda Khan the Annual losses of Munda khanan reached to one& half million dollars in 2012 survey. Sangar khanan charged cases on them for his inherited properties under the supreme law of Pakistan and succeeded. They proved  his  ¼ shares of Snagar khan’s father Nawab first Muhammad Sharif khan’s property. So many time conflict has done for owner ship but now the Royal  Family came out from all internal conflicts after long losses of both lives and economics.
  A famous saying about Dir Royal family Akhun Khel
             “If Dir Royal Family Unites it would the strongest Royal family of Asia and the reason is its 400 years of Historical background the only family which still focus for the same position. Before they had power and money . But now they have men power 100 times stronger than previous position now a days they are economic power will educated youngsters a section of armed forces Painda khel and Sultan khel. 200,000 equipped people are naturally behind them. Dir is situated on a very strategic point near 2 super powers Russia,China,India,central Asia And also to middle east so now some of the Royals has planned to put advantage from Malakand Division strategic importance beautiful landscape rivers mountains and culture”

 Nawab Mian Gul Jan Khan’s Family (Munda Khanan)

Nawab mian Gul Jan Khan was the second son of Nawab Muhammad Sahrif khan .He was handed over the administrative control of Jandool and was considered as Khan (Ruler) of Jandol by his father. Latter on assassinated by his brother late Nawab Aurangzeb khan. And confiscated his whole landed property besides Residential Palace and house hold etc.   
Then Shah Jahan khan injustice with family was on peak they banned the rest of the royal family from education and any other state affairs. Due to which Munda khan sons and grandsons faced very difficulties.
Nawab mian gul jan khan had 2 sons Nawabzada nawsherawan khan and Nawabzada Bakht e Rwan khan.  After all that Shah Jahan khan fixed allowance for the rehabilitation and livelihood of his cousins.
 The grand sons of Munda Khanan are reside in a village Katpati ,Lal Qilla ,Maidan. The family youngsters are focused on education .



 Nawab Muhammad Sharif Khan

Nawab Aurangzeb Khan

Nawabzada Muhammad Issa Khan ,Darora khan

Nawab Shahrawan Khan        Munda khan

Nawabzada Sultan e Mehmood Khan Sangar khan

                                                       List of Family members of Dir Royal famil 
                                        List of family tree of  2nd Nawab Aurangzeb Khan Dir Royal Family

List of family tree of 3rd Nawab Munda Khan's family Dir Royal Family
                                    List of family tree of  Nawabzada Sultane Mehmood Khan Dir Royal Family
                                     List of family tree of  Nawabzada Essa Khan Dir Royal Family

    List of family tree of  Nawab ShahJahan Khan Dir Royal Family

                                                                       TAMER KHANAN
Tamer Khanan is uprising political economical and organized section of the Royal family Akhun Khel. They have a key role in the infrastructure of Timergara city the tamer khanan has remarkable icons in the city many hospital shopping centers and schools are built by tamer khanan.
Nawabzada Mehmood zaib Khan is the leading member of Dir royal family.

 He was born in October 1962, Mahmood Zeb Khan passed his Secondary School Certificate examination from the Government High School, Timergara, and earned his LLB degree in 1989. He has four sons, three brothers and as many sisters.
Mahmood Zeb had contested the election for Municipal Committee’s chairmanship in 1987 but could not win it. However, he scored victory on PF-94 in the February 18, 2008 election.
Hailing from former ruling family, member of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Assembly from Dir Lower Mahmood Zeb Khan plans to work unflaggingly for putting his district on track to progress and leave no stone unturned to fulfil the longstanding demand of natural gas supply to Timergara.
His family had been in the politics for the last three decades as his grandfather, Nawabzada Bakht Jehanzeb Khan alias Timer Khan had remained member of Majlis-e-Shura in Ziaul Haq era.

Architect Farooq Khan is one of the youngest and emerging member of Dir royal family.
He is the grand grand son of Nawab Main Gul Jan(11 ruler of Dir).
He strongly believe to continue the legacy of Nawab MainGul Khan and to accomplish the incomplete mission of his grand father.

By profession he is an Architect Khan is working to revive Dir royal family on intellectual bases.He give a vision calling 3rd Era of Dir royal family.
Farooq Khan believes on unified youth organisation that work for 3rd era mission.He is activate with many youth members of Dir royal family to get the desired goals as they set for 3rd era mission.
3rd Era vision of Dir royal
This mission is based on waste implication.
the mission is going to lead the people of Malakand division and pukhtoon built
toward peace,stability and prosperity due to the importance of strategical and geographical
center for many powers.This mission is going to enhance education ,transport
 tourism, health ,sports and trade in the region among the people.
Khan Want that  Royal family should be enough strong to make assurance of sustainability.
and to keep protection of the boundaries of this mission.
The mission will also fulfill regional, cultural political and religious aspects of Pukhton values
and will have strong reverence on stable Pakistan.

                                     PALACES OF DIR 

                                                           Main Palace of Dir
                                                     Palace of Munda Jandool

                                                              Timergara Fort
                                                    Shahi Masjid Built in 1930
                                                    Hayaseria Palace

                                                 Pana Kot resthouse
                                                     Munda fort Wall

                                                         Samar Bagh Palace
                                            Center door of Dir magzin


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